Anger Management

Albert Ellis set forth what is known as the ABC Theory. This is an excellent formula to remember
in regard to anger management. Basically, if we imagine a large triangle with each point labeled–beginning with the bottom left
as A: Event; the far right point as C: Reaction; and the top point as B: Thoughts and emotions. One may take an event that may
be irritating or anger provoking; and, rather than going straight to the reaction (C), going to (B) to think first. Do a “thinking report”
of what the person may have meant–what would happen if I react totally negatively and on down the line? By the time these thoughts and emotions
are registered, chances are the reaction (C) will be a much more amicable reaction. Thus, one may be saved from saying or doing something they wished they
had not said or done. One may have to eat humble pie or suffer serious consequences that could have been avoided by simply backing off and thinking
first. ABC Theory by Albert Ellis–a simple formula that is profound.

June 8, 2013 · Posted in Anger Management  


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